Maria Moore for Supervisor

Maria Moore -Your Candidate for Southampton Town Supervisor

Mayor Moore has a talent for working with everyone, and a unique ability to close all divides and bring people together in a common purpose to achieve uncommon results.

Maria is an experienced attorney and has been a successful and effective Mayor for the Village of Westhampton Beach for 9 years.

Maria Moore Helped Transform Westhampton Beach

While in office, Moore addressed the Village’s Main Street infrastructure needs. The Main Street drainage system was close to 100 years old and in danger of collapsing. Curbs and sidewalks needed to be replaced. Residents had been talking about the need for a sewer system for 50 years but were concerned the cost was prohibitive.

Maria Moore Got the Job Done

Mayor Moore executed contracts that included both incentives to ensure the project was completed on time and to the highest standards, and penalties if it wasn’t.

Maria Moore was on the job site daily to insure the Main Street project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget
Maria’s favorite part of each day was walking the site with project manager Greg Russo of Sandpebble

After years of detailed planning, using firmly established practices of critical path project management, with consideration of historic weather data for Westhampton Beach, construction began in late September of 2019 with contractors working from both ends of the street simultaneously. In three months the roadway was was reopened to vehicular traffic, followed by sidewalk replacement, lighting and landscaping in the spring. The project was completed on time, before the summer tourist season.

Bove Industries Executing the Plan of H2M Architects and Engineers. First Sewer Pipe in Westhampton Beach Ever.

The project was paid for with grants and prudent fiscal management. No taxes were raised because Mayor Moore made certain the job was shovel ready and eligible for grants from New York State, Suffolk County, and Southampton Town to make these changes happen.

Communication With The Community Was Critical

Mayor Moore knew that removing Main Street down to the dirt from end to end would be disruptive and be cause for concern, and that communication with the community was key to a successful project. Before and throughout construction, public meetings with the project manager, property owners and residents were held to work through and alleviate concerns. The process was collaborative, the village board listened to concerns and modified plans to mitigate the disruption.

Maria Moore engaged the entire community in a constructive process resulting in a Main Street that is “universally loved.” See 27east Village Revitalization In Westhampton Beach Extolled As Pretty, Welcoming And Remarkable

Maria Moore Secured Funding and Executed a Long Range Plan

Through Maria’s leadership, the Village secured grant funding from the state, county and town governments for the project that included:

  • the installation of new drainage
  • wider sidewalks and curb extensions for pedestrian safety
  • two traffic circles as traffic calming measures
  • underground utility lines for electricity, cable and telephone, and the removal of all overhead wires
  • LED street lighting for substantial savings in both energy consumption and cost.
  • permeable pavers and other environmental protections to facilitate clean rainwater runoff that is returned to our bays
  • Installation of two hydrodynamic separators to remove pollutants from rain runoff, with an automatic check valve that prevents storm surge from inundating Main Street.
  • trees planted in structural soil developed by Cornell University to help avoid sidewalk heaves caused by tree roots that otherwise might have inadequate room to grow.

Main Street Westhampton Beach
Main Street nearly complete, overhead wires came down a few months later.

Although the execution of the plan took only eight months, it was the result of years of diligent planning followed by the focused execution of that plan, resulting in the renaissance of Westhampton Beach. See news article about the Main Street Transformation.

Westhampton Beach thanks Maria Moore for her hard work.

A complete photographic history of the project has been been preserved by Arts and Architecture Quarterly – east end- it can be found here.

Main Street Done – Sewers Next

With the Main Street project complete, plans were finalized for the installation of sewers in the downtown, continuing Maria’s vision for improved water quality and downtown revitalization. The groundbreaking for the first phase of the sewer project was on April 21, 2021.

Here we go again with another public works project.

Environmental and Economic Benefits Secured Without Raising Taxes

The completion of this first phase of the sewer project will result in the reduction of 5,000 pounds of nitrogen each year (24%) from the wastewater that would have otherwise gone into the groundwater and the bay. The environmental protection the sewer will provide is a proven benefit.

Sewers will provide an economic benefit too by allowing for expanded dining opportunities in the downtown, as well as the addition of apartments over the shops

Rather than constructing its own sewer treatment plant, the Village partnered with Suffolk County to build additional capacity at the County’s wastewater treatment plant to accommodate the needs of the downtown. Once again — No taxes were raised because Mayor Moore made certain the job was shovel ready and eligible for grant money from New York State, Suffolk County and Southampton Town to make these changes happen. This is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when local governments work together towards a common goal. Maria has the ability to put politics aside and get the job done.

Maria Moore is the leader of leaders, the Mayor of Mayors
Mayor Moore accepting congratulations on behalf of the Board of Trustees

Phase I of the sewer project is now complete and a “First Flush Ceremony” was held on March 3, 2023. New York State Assemblyman Fred Thiele said “The leadership for this came from the Village Board of Westhampton Beach, and the Mayor of all Mayors, Maria Moore.

The Main Street Revitalization Project and the Sewer Project have ushered in a new era for the Village of Westhampton Beach where businesses thrive, and visitors and residents alike can enjoy the benefits of a vibrant seaside resort that has become a year-round destination.  One shop owner and resident said “Every day is like a Saturday in the summer.”  

Strong Fiscal Leadership

In good economic times and bad, Mayor Moore has provided stability. In each year of Mayor Moore’s nine years of service she has never increased taxes above the tax cap, regardless of inflationary pressures permeating the economy. Mayor Moore built a fortress balance sheet making the financial condition of the Village strong. Private investment in the Village of Westhampton Beach is strong and has expanded the tax base. Even this year, in the face of 6 percent core inflation Mayor Moore has prepared a budget that is still below the 2 percent tax cap. Today, after nine years the tax rate in Westhampton Beach is lower than when Mayor Moore took office in 2014.

Maria Moore Has Proven Experience and Accomplishments and Will Put Southampton First

Maria has formed an unbreakable bond with her fellow board members who each contributed to the success of the Village and they too have been essential in the transformation of Westhampton Beach. Maria has proven that working together works.

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Every Hamlet and Every Person in Southampton Deserves a Dedicated Leader.

Please Vote for Maria Moore for Supervisor